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At North Vancouver Junk Removal, we believe in making our pricing straightforward and transparent. Our goal is to ensure that you can budget for our services with confidence and ease.

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Specific Item Pricing: For clients needing to dispose of particular items such as a couch, mattress, or other clearly defined objects, our cost calculator delivers a fast and precise quote.




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For optimal savings, we recommend prioritizing larger items for the best discounts. Our multi-item discount can go up to 30%, depending on the size of your order. If you don't see your desired item listed, please choose a similar item of comparable size.

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For customers with a mix of different items that are difficult to categorize, we offer a convenient volume-based pricing system. This is ideal for piles of various types and sizes of items that don’t fit neatly into our standard cost calculator.

Our truck boasts a capacity of 15 cubic yards, equivalent to the space of 4 pickup trucks, enabling us to efficiently handle large amounts of junk. Here’s what you can expect from our service:

Transparent Pricing: Our fees are based on the volume of junk loaded into the truck. We provide upfront estimates to ensure you stay within your budget.

Quick and Easy Quotes: Need a fast quote? We offer quotes over the phone in less than a minute. Simply text us pictures of your items, and we’ll provide an accurate estimate.

Contact Us Anytime: Reach out to us at 604-910-7549 for any inquiries or to schedule a pickup.

Text Us: Send us photos of your items via text to 604-910-7549. We’ll review the images and provide you with a quick quote.

Email Us: Alternatively, you can email photos of your items to .

Special Offers:

Free Hour of Labor: A full load includes 1 free hour of labor (2 men). After the free hour, additional labor is charged at $90 per hour for 2 men. For example, if it takes us 1 hour and 30 minutes to load a full truck, the extra labor fee will be $45.

20% Discount on Curbside Loads: Take advantage of our curbside load discount.

GST: All fees are subject to 5% GST.

Additional Fees for Heavy Flat Items: Please note that heavy flat items such as tiles, glass, and similar materials may be subject to additional fees due to their weight and handling requirements. Contact us for a detailed quote if you have such items.

Accepted Payments

We accept a variety of payment options to ensure your convenience:



American Express





Whether you prefer paying by credit card, cheque, e-transfer, cash, or debit, we’ve got you covered.